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Reptile station was created by a team of reptile enthusiasts who fully understand the difficulties of finding the necessary equipment needed. We have experienced spending days/weeks looking for the perfect setup. only to find that once we bought something suitable, the best option was one we didn’t know about. Because of this, we have decided to put everything a keeper would need in one platform. Our goal is to help reptile keepers find the best equipment for there needs and bring buyers and sellers to one place.


Our vision

We are Reptile Station

The site offers a platform for every manufacturer, reseller and keeper to buy, sell and compare all types and brands of reptile equipment. This gives the buyer the best possible options to help find the perfect setup at the best price. Sign up for our newsletter to get notifications on special offers.


The platform is a huge benefit to sellers as you will have your own dedicated vendor page, be able to track stock levels, offer promotions, create your own store and bio. This is the only comparison site for reptile equipment so stock on this site is being seen by the people who are looking for it. Listing a product is free, so it costs nothing to get set up. Once it has sold, we only take a small percentage to keep things running. This is shown to you when listing a product for sale. Once the sale has been made, money goes directly into your account.

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