1. How Much does it cost to list a product?

There is no fee for listing a product and you can have as many as you like. Whenever you sell a product Reptile station will take a fee of 10% off the sale price. This will be shown to you before listing a product so that you are aware of how much money you can expect when selling an item. You may also add promotions and discount codes. If you would like us to feature this in our newsletter, please let us know.

3. Do I need an account?

For selling products, you will need to enter your details and listing to your own dedicated vendor page. This is simple to set up and we can help if needed.

5. Who can sell here?

Anyone can sell products here. Manufacturers, resellers, and people looking to sell off used equipment. Please get in touch prior to opening an account if you are looking to open a trade account.

7.Why should I sell on this site?

This site is designed to allow potential customers to see all the options they have in one place. This means that they can make faster decisions when buying. Equipment not listed on this site may not be seen as this is the go-to comparison site for reptile equipment, Why go anywhere else. The site has many useful features such as inventory tracking, No listing fee and site visitors are your target audience.

2. How long will my listing be active?

Listings are active for as long as you leave them on your vendor page. You can adjust stock levels manually if you sell a product elsewhere and add to the stock when needed. When a product sells, this will be deducted from your inventory and allow you to track your stock levels

4. I have a problem with my account.

Please report any technical problems by contacting us via email at

6.How do customers contact me about my products?

Customers who are interested in your products can buy directly from the site and you will be notified when a sale has been made. For any issues, you will need to provide contact details when setting up your account. Please give as much information as possible when listing a product. This will help buyers when deciding to buy equipment.

8. What payment methods do you accept?

All transactions are done through your stripe account which is similar to Paypal.


9. Why should I use Reptile Station?

This site is free to use when looking for equipment and hosts all brands and styles, both new and used. Save time and money by comparing all your options before making a decision. Sign up to our newsletter to get information on any upcoming deals.

11. Do I need an account?

Yes, for buying products you need an account. we will ask you for some details that will allow the seller to assist you when purchasing their product.

13. Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are the responsibility of the seller. Please read their terms and conditions regarding refunds. We are strictly a comparison site and can only provide options. We have no control over the seller’s policy.

15. What information is in your newsletter?

In our newsletter you may find information on special offers and deals that have been listed by our vendors, updates and new product’s. We may even offer a discount code now and then.

10. What products can I find here?

Here you will find Racks, Incubators, vivarium’s and other types of reptile housing equipment. More product types will be added soon.

12. How do I make a purchase?

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can buy directly from the site. Fill out your details and follow the steps. Payments can be made by credit or debit card.

14. Damaged goods?

We advise that in the event of receiving damaged goods that you contact the seller immediately. This is the seller’s responsibility to have this resolved.

16. How do I sign up for your newsletter?

Simply go to our website, enter your email address at the signup section and click “HOOK ME UP!” You will receive a confirmation email. Once you have confirmed this, you will have access to our newsletter.

17. How can I advertise on your site?

Please contact us via email

18. Can you offer recommendations for housing my animal?

Yes, please leave us a message and we will send you over a few options that we feel is suitable.

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